Introversion or introverted personality is one of three types of personality. There are also ambivert and extroverted personalities. Those included in the introversion personality are people who tend to focus on thoughts, feelings, and moods that come from within themselves, internal, compared to seeking stimulation from outside. Come on, find out more about the personality and introvert meaning. Aside from that, perhaps you need to check out this introvert dating website, if you’re looking for an introvert boyfriend or girlfriend.

The origin of introverted personality

Popularized by Carl Jung, the meaning of introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts is one of the most widely used personality theories. According to some theories, one can have both introverted and extroverted personalities but usually will tend to lead to one.

People with introversion personality generally look more like to be alone. Unlike extroverts who are happy and get energy from social interaction, an introvert feels that they have to spend a lot of energy when they have to socialize.

If you visit a party where there are many people, usually after that they tend to need to be alone and have a “me time” to recharge or restore their energy.

Although often misinterpreted as quiet, shy, and lonely, actually an introversion is not the kind of person who always closes himself from the outside world.

Characteristics of introverts

Some common features of introverts are:

Introverts are personalities that tend to save their own feelings.

Looks quiet or withdraws when in the middle of a group of people they don’t know well.

Be very self-aware and think of everything before acting.

Is a good observer and tends to study the surrounding situation through observation first.

It is easier to socialize if together with people they already know well.

If you belong to this personality category, it is likely that you will often realize or prefer to be silent when in the middle of many people, especially if the people around you are unknown people.