Planning to invest property? If so, there are many things that must be considered, one of which is determining the sale value of the property. This is very important because if one determines the sale value, might be a property that you sell is not sold in the market. For those of you who are currently planning to sell the property, here are tips on determining the sale value of the property according from hotel di kuta lombok.

1. Property Location

Location becomes the most important thing in determining the sale value of the property. Places that are strategic enough for example in the middle of the city will be very different in price when compared to the township. The elite housing area would be very much different in price when compared with the usual settlement area.

2. Property Condition

The second factor that can affect property prices is the condition of the property. If we want to buy of course a good building will be worth more expensive when compared with the conditions of the house mediocre or may be obsolete.

3. Legality of Property

Property that has a clear legality and does not enter the territory of the dispute will certainly have a pretty good price when compared to the land of questionable legality. Certified soils dominate the legality of a land. But not infrequently also land disputes are also a certificate, even double certificates also exist. The level of the legality of a land varies, one of it is a certificate of property rights.

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