Each school will clearly apply its own rules regarding uniforms that will be used by students. However, you also have to choose the right school uniforms with comfortable material so that the uniform can be used very comfortably because in school there are certain activities that you will do.

However, do you know which country has an elegant and fashionable uniform? the answer is below.

1. Japanese
Everywhere, Japanese uniforms always draw public attention. The stylish design, neat pieces, and accessories that fulfill the appearance of schoolchildren always look fashionable.

2. Shanghai
For some reason, dark uniform colors with unique collars and wide skirts for women and funny tops for men remind us of Boboho films. The bags they use are also similar, neat, but not the same.

3. Vietnam
White and white fabrics that cover the body to the ankles are usually used by many people to pray. However, in Vietnam, for school. And it turned out that it was a reliable uniform.