Young parents seem to be wiser in terms of providing play opportunities for children. The purpose of the heart wants to provide maximum protection for children, it is not uncommon for children to play outside the home (outdoor area) do not get a blessing. Even though playing outside, especially in the ebeltoft outdoor, is proven to provide positive development for children.

A recent joint study from the University of British Columbia and the Child and Family Research Institute revealed that children who participate in outdoor physical activities have greater physical and social health.

The findings are based on more than 20 studies focused on health and behavior in children involved in various types of risky games. Being able to climb, jump, fall and explore independently not only improves physical health but helps to improve children’s social interaction, creativity, and resilience.

Invite them to step on the ground, sand, find beautiful stones, explore forests, beaches, express themselves in the wild etc. Make them love nature, develop a sense of belonging to the environment so they can help protect and conserve nature.