Losing weight is indeed a dream for many people. Many of them are on a strict diet or even consume supplements to reduce weight. In fact, the thing that really influences is how they exercise. One sport that can lose weight is skipping. However, you also need to use the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners so that the skipping you do can be comfortable and run smoothly.


Skipping in the right way can reduce your weight quickly. However, you must also pay attention to these steps.

1. Heating
If you are still confused as to what heating is done? So the answer is to make your muscles comfortable so that they are not surprised by the exercise you are doing. This is because jumping regularly requires a lot of energy, and almost all body parts move. The most common thing if you do not warm up is muscle cramps.

2. Start with a small round
This is very important to note. Even if you regularly do skipping, starting with a small round must be done. Its function is so that you can stretch your muscles. Another function is because low-intensity jumps can make the next jump become longer and more intense.

3. Increase speed
After the body starts to feel hot and sweat a little, increase the speed of the rotation so that it gets faster and bigger so that it can increase the strength and stamina in your body. However, please note that even if the speed is increased, the height of your jump should not be as high as it will have a bad impact on your toes and knees.
Keep in mind that what you increase is the speed and not your height when doing the skipping. A stable speed also needs to be maintained if you don’t force your body to work harder on the sport.
You must do these three steps in order to lose weight through skipping.