Google Panda is one of the Google search engines to select sites that have low or thin quality. This means that the content is not in the interest of people or even leads to spam (waste content that has no meaning). Meanwhile, if you need a reliable SEO service to assist your website, just visit and contact the trusted SEO company near you.

How come the Google search engine evaluates site content? Humans alone sometimes don’t know how to make good content. Therefore we must learn from the Google search engine, especially the algorithm.

Google Panda was first released in February 2011. There have been many changes made by Google to improve its algorithm, to improve the way it evaluates low-quality sites. This is because Google does not want to display search results that disappoint searchers who use the search engine.

The name “Panda” comes from someone named Navneet Panda, Google Engineer, who developed technology that assesses quality site content.

What are the low-quality sites like? Or can you say what annoying sites are like?

One of them is a site that has a large number of banner ads, excessive popups. So don’t over-advertise on your site. Your site’s rating can be rated low by Google. Because site visitors also hate this.

Then sites that only duplicate content from other people’s sites, so that the site is updated every day. But the content is dirty there is a mess here. This will also reduce the ranking of your site. And by Google Panda, it will be considered low.

Sites that are trusted by visitors also get high marks from Google Panda, like one of the parameters whether you will provide credit card number information on the site. If many people believe, then your site is very credible.

Google Panda will assess the content of the entire site or several parts of the site rather than just one page. So make sure not too many pages of your site are bad or even spam, this will affect the ranking of your entire site. These bad pages are better removed from the site so that they are not indexed by the Google search engine.