If you have a chainsaw, you might have experienced some problems with the saw. Either a saw that can’t be turned on or other causes that hinder your work. Chainsaws do have some problems that often arise and you have to fix them immediately. You have to look for chainsaw repair services so that the chainsaw can be handled properly because if not handled immediately, then you cannot work properly.

In those novice machine users who do not understand the problem about the machine, below are some solutions that you might be able to apply when you encounter these problems when using a saw, please refer to the following tips.

– Machine Can’t Be Starter
There are a number of possible causes of a Saw Machine not being able to be in Starter, including:
a) Spark plugs do not release sparks
b) Flood engine (There is liquid entering the ignition chamber)
From the cause of the problem above, there are several ways we can do to overcome this problem, namely first clean the spark plug from dirt or reset the spark plug gap with a standard 0.65mm. The next step is that with the switch button in the OFF position, remove the spark plug, pull the choke lever and pull the starter recoil 5 to 10 times, this step will clean the excess fuel entering the compression chamber.

– The engine does not reach full speed and emits excessive smoke
There are at least 3 possibilities that cause the saw machine to emit excessive smoke, including:
a) The oil/fuel mixture used is wrong.
b) Dirty air filter.
c) Carburetors require “H” (High Jet) adjustments.
To overcome the possibility of the above problems, it can be done several ways, steps to deal with the first possibility is by using a new fuel and true-cycle cycle of oil mix ratio, for the second possibility we can do is to clean the air filter by washing it with water soap until clean and rinse with warm water then dry until completely dry.