When you feel your problem is too heavy and a lot for you to be alone, then the help of a psychologist will be right for you to get. For that, you must visit the right psychologist to help you deal with your problem properly. You can use outdoor stress therapy at Baunhøj Mølle as a help to be able to handle the psychological problems that you are suffering from.

In fact, counseling with the right psychologist can improve your health. If during this time psychological counseling is widely known as a part of psychological testing in schools or workplaces, psychology consultation can also be useful as an effort to treat patients’ mental health and conditions in health services.

The role of psychology consulting in the field of health services has a wide range, including clinical psychology, health psychology, counseling psychology, rehabilitation psychology, community psychology, pediatric psychology, community psychology, and clinical neuropsychology. Psychological consultation services for patients who are suffering from a serious illness, patients who will or have just undergone medical treatment that might change the quality of life.