The use of granite for countertops began to have many enthusiasts. The price is expensive, but the luxury given is commensurate with the price spent. Granite itself is actually a type of rock that comes from frozen magma. Compared to other types of flooring, granite floors are more sturdy and not easily broken. Its shiny surface makes it look elegant. Granite installation for countertops usually requires professionals, one of which is the Dallas granite countertops.

Not only for countertops, but granite is also used for house floors. Granite is able to create cold air and this is beneficial for homes in hot regions. For those of you who are interested in installing granite floors at home, it’s good to know in advance some things about the granite floor that is reviewed here. Please read carefully, so that the luxurious impression of the granite floor can be obtained optimally.

– Granite color choices, especially used for floors
Granite floors have several colors that should be chosen based on the function of space so that the character of the room and the color of the granite floor can be the right composition. Black granite floors are installed in the kitchen or bathroom to give a firm and shady impression.

– Granite floor motifs
In addition to colors, granite floor motifs must also be in harmony with the design of the room. Geometrically patterned granite flooring is suitable for classic and elegant room design, living room even your workspace can look charming. If you want to bring the impression of a warm and elegant, floral motif granite flooring fitted to the bedroom or family room. Alloy granite flooring with floral motifs and wooden furniture will produce a natural impression.

– Granite floors for an elegant kitchen
An elegant kitchen thanks to the touch of granite floors can certainly evoke the mood in cooking. Besides making the kitchen look more luxurious, stains that are commonly produced when cooking and falling on the floor are easier to clean. As a result, the kitchen doesn’t look dirty easily. In color selection, a combination of dark colored granite floors with stainless steel cookware can provide a luxuriously modern feel.